Short Films

Short film competition program (Cinema Europa, Cinema Tuškanac) presents short fiction films competing for Golden Pram for Best Short Fiction Film. The director of the best short film will also receive the amount of EUR 1,000.


Ian Roosens, Raf Roosens


Belgium, 2015, 15’

Fré is a teenager torn between his wealthy, conservative family and his lower-class friends. He manages to keep these two worlds apart until he falls in love with Jana. Fré takes Jana to his luxury home with a swimming pool in... Više

A Few Seconds

Nora El Hourch

Quelques secondes

France, 2015, 16’

Five girls live in a Paris home for abandoned children, each of them coping with her own painful history. In such an environment, the girls spontaneously form a community within which they try to change the image of themselves as... Više

Ave Maria

Basil Khalil

Ave Maria

Palestine, France, Germany, 2015, 15’

Five sisters are spending their days in the Convent of Sisters of Mercy in the West Bank in silence and prayers. Their daily routine is disrupted by a family of religious Israeli settlers whose car crashes into the convent wall.... Više


Ena Sendijarevic


The Netherlands, 2014, 14’

A coming-of-age film about a young girl who explores the unknown world of her new foster family and cautiously tries to make this new place her home. However, she seems to keep longing for something else.

In Seven Days

Holger Schumacher

In sieben Tagen

Germany, 2015, 15’

A drama about male friendship. Adrian has a few days to decide whether to leave his criminal past behind or save his mother from loansharks and help his friend Aysun in just one more job. The fact that his girlfriend... Više

Present Imperfect

Iair Said

Presente imperfecto

Argentina, 2015, 15’

It's Martin's birthday. A puzzling gift will make him think about how he perceives himself and how others perceive him. A gift is something that its giver sees as the reflection of the person it is given to. But what happens when... Više

Sara's Runaway

Belén Funes

Sara a la fuga

Spain, 2014, 18’

Sara lives in a home for abandoned children. While awaiting her father's return, she feels as if her youth is slipping through her fingers.


Isabella Karhu


Finland, 2014, 17’

Three brothers are returning to their village, to their childhood home. Their mother is not well; she hardly ever wakes up and the sons take care about her one after another. One brother is somewhat tense and the others have... Više

The Moment

Piotr Domalewski


Poland, 2015, 15’

Night falls on a row of identical houses in an exclusive neighborhood. Life is peaceful here. Marcin and his wife decide to invite their neighbors to dinner. When he comes to the neighbors' door, Marcin notices something that... Više


Ziya Demirel


Turkey, 2015, 12’

At first sight, Tuesday is a film about an ordinary life of a teenage girl living in Istanbul. The plot follows her encounters with three different man during a day full of activities: she goes to school, plays... Više

Zagreb | out of competition



Italia, 1911, 4’

It is not a widely known fact that less than 15 minutes of footage from the first twenty years of the use of film camera in Croatia has been preserved. This material includes the well-known materials such as Maneuvers of Austrain... Više

Tickets information:

International Short Film category and Checkers films are screened at Tuškanac Cinema. Free tickets for the screenings in these programs can be picked up at the Tuškanac Cinema ticket office only. Tickets can be picked up every day during the regular opening hours. Part of the tickets will be distributed half an hour before the screening, at 21.00 h. One person can take no more than four free tickets per screening.