The Great 5

This regular program of ZFF provides an insight into the five most important European cinematographies - France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. For years, The Great 5 program has been supported by our partners and friends from the network of the EU national institutes for culture in Croatia (EUNIC Croatia).

10.000 Km

Carlos Marques-Marcet

10.000 Km

Spain, 2014, 99'

One year, two computers and an entire ocean between them. A one-year scholarship in Los Angeles will separate Alexandra from her boyfriend Sergio and their love shack in Barcelona. Forced to face the challenges of a long-distance... Više

13 Minutes

Oliver Hirschbiegel


Germany, 2015,  110’

13 Minutes is about Georg Elser and his failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. Only 13 minutes separated carpenter Georg Elser from changing the history forever. On 8 November, 1939, Elser planted a bomb behind Hitler's stand in a... Više


Justin Kurzel


UK, 2015, 113’      

Ghastly, brutal and poetically beautiful, Kurzel's Macbeth is a very modern – but true to the original – cinematic interpretation of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy about class conflicts, passions and insatiable hunger for power.... Više

My Golden Days

Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse

France, 2015, 123’

On his was home from Tajikistan, professor of anthropology Paul Dédalus, superbly played by Mathieu Amalric, remembers crucial moments from his past: his childhood in Roubaix, his mother's madness and father's alienation and... Više


Paolo Sorrentino

La giovinezza

Italy, France, UK, Switzerland, 2015, 118’

In this charming film by the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorentino (The Great Beauty), two old friends ponder about the past, present, beauty and absurdity of life. Fred and Mick, who are nearing their eighties, are enjoying... Više

Tickets information:

30.00 kuna for screenings at Tuškanac Cinema

25.00 kuna for screenings at the Museum of Contemporary Art