LUX Film Days

Established in 2007, LUX Prize is given annually by the European Parliament for cinematic achievements. The purpose of LUX Prize is to draw attention to the public debate on the European Union and its policies and to support the expansion of European (co-)productions. LUX Film Days takes place in autumn in more than 40 cities in European Union as a tangible manifestation of the European Parliament's committed involvement in cinema and culture. With subtitles in all of the official EU languages, the competing films become accessible to general audience and encourage discussions on the issues that concern us all. During LUX Film Days, the three films shortlisted for LUX Prize will be shown simultaneously in 24 languages in 28 EU countries.



Jonas Carpignano


Italy, France, USA, Germany, Qatar, 2015, 107’

In order to provide for his family, Ayiva leaves his home in Burkina Faso. Teaming up with his friend Abas and using smugglers' assistance, he sets out on an arduous journey to Europe. After having managed to get out of a number... Više


Deniz Gamze Ergüven


France, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, 2015, 94’

It is early summer. In a Turkish village on the Black Sea coast, far from Istanbul, Lale and her four sisters are coming back from school. Along the way they stop to play with some boys. The boys carry them around on their... Više

The High Sun

Dalibor Matanić


Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, 2015, 123’

The High Sun tells us about a forbidden love, its fragility, and its strength. Spanning three decades, the film takes place in two neighboring villages sharing a history encumbered with conflicts and intolerance. The first story... Više

The Lesson

Kristina Grozeva & Petar Valchanov


Bulgaria, Greece, 2014, 105’

Nadezhda is a young English teacher in a small Bulgarian town. Her stiff moral principles make her strict to others as much as to herself. When the wallet of one of her students gets stolen in class one day, Nadezhda tries to... Više

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