Making Of

Rescheduling the festival also means re-conceptualising its program. As you may have noticed, this year’s Zagreb Film Festival competition focuses on fiction film. The documentary program is no longer part of the main festival program. However, documentary aficionados should not feel left out; the genre is covered in other sections. This is how our Making Of program came about. It will present several extremely interesting documentary essays about the making of great films, including the iconic Lost in La Mancha, about Terry Gilliam’s never made spectacle about Don Quijote. For the first time we will take a sneak peek behind the scenes of Battle of Neretva, Fitzcarraldo, Welles’ Othello, as well as the rarely screened Tenth Film by Igor Mirković about the making of Border Post. This is a step forward in the selection process for a festival that fosters the culture of film and cinema – in this way it is trying to show the all but romantic back side to filmmaking.

Burden of Dreams

Les Blank

Burden of Dreams

US, 1982, 95’

“If I abandon this project, I will be a man without dreams, and I don’t want to live like that”, said Werner Herzog while shooting Fitzcarraldo. The story about the making of the film has long become a legend. The plot is about... Više

Filming Othello

Orson Welles

Filming Othello

West Germany, 1978, 84’

Orson Welles's last finished film, Filming Othello, is a cinematic essay of a fragmented structure in which Welles remembers the making of his award-winning 1952 film Othello. It was one of his problematic projects. Encumbered... Više

Lost in La Mancha

Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe

Lost in La Mancha

UK, US, 2002, 93’

Lost In La Mancha is a testimony of the attempted making and final disintegration of a film. Narrated by Jeff Bridges, this film about director Terry Gilliam's project that never came to be – an adaptation of Don Quixote –... Više

Neretva 1943 (Filming the Battle of Neretva)

Neretva 1943.(snimanje Bitke na Neretvi)

Yugoslavia, 1968, 31’

Planes, artillery, zoom lenses... The Fourth Offensive or The Battle For The Wounded made history as the biggest spectacle of former Yugoslav cinema. An RTV Zagreb crew reported from the location of "the film of films". Director... Više

The Making of 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial'

Laurent Bouzereau

The Making of 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial'

USA, 1996, 91’

A peep behind the camera on the set of Spielberg's classic E.T. The documentary includes interviews with director Steven Spielberg, co-producer Kathleen Kennedy, sound designer Ben Burtt, composer John Williams and other key... Više

The Tenth Film

Igor Mirković

Deseti film

Croatia, 2006, 54’

A documentary about the three-year long process of the making of The Border Post. As a member of the crew working on the film, director and screenwriter Igor Mirković had an unlimited insight into the making of the film about a... Više

Tickets information:

Films from this program are scheduled at Docucinema KIC. Free tickets for the screenings in this program can be picked up at Docucinema's ticket office only. The tickets should be picked up on the day of the screening during the ticket office opening hours.