My first film: Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this millennium only Bosnian and Herzegovinian cinema has won an Oscar, a Golden Bear for best film, two Silver Bears and many other festival merits. Back in the 1950s a film by the Sarajevo-based author Toma Janić Black Pearls (1958), a sort of pedagogic poem considered the first authentic Bosnian hit film, echoed far and wide. Ever since Hajrudin ‘Šiba’ Krvavac directed The Demolition Squad (1967), Bosnian directors became experts in war genre as well. Ivica Matić was the envoy of a generation sprung from experimental film. Unfortunately, he passed away too soon and made only one more film, Landscape with a Woman (1976), which soon acquired an iconic status. Emir Kusturica opened a new chapter. His debut Do You Remember Dolly Bell? won a Golden Lion in Venice for best debut film and screened all over the world. Ademir Kenović, today a famous producer, first made a TV film just like Matić, A Little Bit of Soul (1987), which became a hit. Incidentally, the last winner of Yugoslavian Film Festival in Pula, held in 1990, came from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was Silent Gunpowder by Bahrudin Bata Čengić, which metaphorically anticipated the period to come.

A Little Bit of Soul

Ademir Kenović

Ovo malo duše

Yugoslavia, 1986, 86’

This comedy drama about coming of age takes us to a Bosnian village where locals are preparing for a traditional wedding. Ibrahim, a widower with three children, wants just one more thing in his life: to find a wife for his son.... Više

Black Pearls

Toma Janić

Crni biseri

Yugoslavia, 1958, 99’

The protagonists of this social drama about juvenile delinquency are a group of young inmates of a correctional institution located in a former monastery on a small island. They are indignant over the way their warden and... Više

Do You Remember Dolly Bell?

Emir Kusturica

Sjećaš li se Dolly Bell?

Yugoslavia, 1981, 107’

Emir Kusturica's first film Do You Remember Dolly Bell? is a comedy drama about growing up in Sarajevo in the 1960s. It was the time when Yugoslavia started opening to the West. That included a new, modern way of life, popular... Više

Landscape with a Woman

Ivica Matić

Žena s krajolikom

Yugoslavia, 1976, 66'

The first and only film by the prematurely deceased Bosnian director Ivica Matić. Thirteen years after his death, his Landscape with a Woman won a Golden Arena at Pula Film Festival. Then followed screenings at festivals around... Više

The Demolition Squad

Hajrudin Krvavac


Yugoslavia, 1967, 81’

Known as the founder of so-called "partisan western" genre, Yugoslav filmmaker Hajrudin "Šiba" Krvavac laid the foundations for his partisan-movie opus early in his career with The Demolition Squad. The plot takes place in former... Više

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