At the last year’s Zagreb Film Festival we launched the PLUS program and it was a huge success! In order to offer even better contents to our young audience, PLUS has this year become a competition in which the best film will be selected by a young jury consisting of five high schoolers. Five films intended for young audiences will compete for a € 500 prize, and the young jury will readily take their responsible role and choose the best. The PLUS program will also introduce the popular section Let’s Talk about Film!, giving the audience a chance to discuss the film they just saw with artists and film experts. We believe the discussions will be interesting and well-founded, and impressions intense and long. We will also organise roundtables after the screenings, aiming to include the young audience in a discussion about the film line-up designed for them and how to improve it.

About a Girl

Mark Monheim

About a Girl

Germany, 2014, 105’

Fifteen-year-old Charleen is a typical teenager who hates being a typical teenager. Being a big fan of Kurt Cobain, she shares her idol's fatalism and rebellous nature. But Kurt's music can only help this much in dealing with the... Više

Hidden Away

Mikel Rueda

A escondidas

Spain, 2014, 88’

Rafa is a Spaniard and Ibrahim is a Morrocan. They are two teenagers from very different worlds. One day they spot each other in the toilet of a crowded night club. Although they merely exchange quick glances in passing, the... Više


Sam de Jong


The Netherlands, 2015, 78’

It is a story about seventeen-year-old Ayoub who lives in an Amsterdam council estate. His knowledge of the world does not extend beyond the boundaries of his childhood neighborood, but it does not prevent him from trying to... Više


Tamar van den Dop


The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, 2014, 102’

"There's nothing here", says fifteen-year-old Meis about her home. Indeed, their modest family home is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by flat countryside. Meis lives there with her paranoid mother (played by the film's... Više

Tickets information:

PLUS section films are scheduled at Tuškanac Cinema. Free tickets for this section can be picked up on the day of the screening. Admission is free only for high schoolers.