Retrospective: Orson Welles

In this millennium only Bosnian and Herzegovinian cinema has won an Oscar, a Golden Bear for best film, two Silver Bears and many other festival merits. Back in the 1950s a film by the Sarajevo-based author Toma Janić Black Pearls (1958), a sort of pedagogic poem considered the first authentic Bosnian hit film, echoed far and wide. Ever since Hajrudin ‘Šiba’ Krvavac directed The Demolition Squad (1967), Bosnian directors became experts in war genre as well. Ivica Matić was the envoy of a generation sprung from experimental film. Unfortunately, he passed away too soon and made only one more film, Landscape with a Woman (1976), which soon acquired an iconic status. Emir Kusturica opened a new chapter. His debut Do You Remember Dolly Bell? won a Golden Lion in Venice for best debut film and screened all over the world. Ademir Kenović, today a famous producer, first made a TV film just like Matić, A Little Bit of Soul (1987), which became a hit. Incidentally, the last winner of Yugoslavian Film Festival in Pula, held in 1990, came from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was Silent Gunpowder by Bahrudin Bata Čengić, which metaphorically anticipated the period to come.

3, 2, 1... Go!

3, 2, 1... kreni!

Yugoslavia, 1979, 113’

3, 2, 1… Go!, the TV show edited by Nenad Pata and broadcast on Croatian Television from 1977 to 1983, is considered one of the best Croatian TV shows about film. It attracted not only film connoisseurs, but also a wider audience... Više


Orson Welles


US, Italy, Morocco, France, 1952, 90’

Made in a broken rhythm over a period of three years, Welles's Othello marked the director's breakup with the Hollywood-style production. After studio big shots had "rearranged" each and every film he had made after... Više

The Secret of Nikola Tesla

Krsto Papić

Tajna Nikole Tesle

Yugoslavia, 1980, 115’

The Secret Of Nikola Tesla is one of very few biopics made in Yugoslav cinema. It is best known by the fact that Orson Welles himself appears in it in a short but memorable role. He plays American magnate J. P. Morgan, one of... Više

The Stranger

Orson Welles

The Stranger

US, 1946, 92’ 

The Stranger is Welles's first film made after a four-year break that followed the making of The Magnificent Ambersons and Citizen Kane. It is also his single high-grossing film. However, Welles, whose creative freedom was... Više

The Trial

Orson Welles

Le procés

France, West Germany, Italy, 1963, 113'

Shot on location in France, Italy and Zagreb, Welles's adaptation of Kafka's The Trial is an atmospheric film, acclaimed for exceptional cinematography and suggestive set designs. Having skillfully depicted an individual's... Više

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