Yellow Bib for Kids by RBA

Zagreb Film Festival’s program intended for the youngest audience this year is brought to you in association with Raiffeisen Bank. Yellow Bib for Kids by RBA takes place for the ninth time, and since 2007 the films were seen by more than 23,000 elementary school children. The program includes four feature and four short films that wrote amazing success stories at world festivals. The short films are entertaining stories about growing up and the premiere of Croatian short film The River by Krasimir Gančev. Two feature films come from Poland, one from Czech Republic, and the last one was made way back in 1955 in former Czechoslovakia. It is Karel Zeman’s Journey to the Beginning of Time, considered one of the best children’s adventure films of all times and a pioneering work of world film.



Mikolaj Haremski


Poland, 2013, 83’,

Tom, who is twelve, lives in small Polish village. Lonely and with no friends, he spends all of his time in a garage, learning from the local mechanic how to repair and assemble cars. Cars are Tom's passion. However, life is not... Više

How I Didn't Become a Piano Player

Tommaso Pitta

How I Didn't Become a Piano Player

UK, 2014, 18’

Nine-year-old Ted is desperately searching for something he is good at. On the day his father comes home with an old monstrous piano, Ted has a revelation: he will become the next Mozart. Based on the short story “Every Good Boy... Više

Igor and the Cranes' Journey

Evgeny Ruman

Igor VeMasa Ha'Agurim

Israel, Poland, Germany, 2012, 90’

An interesting intimate story about father-and-son bonding. 11-year-old Igor and his father Petar, who is an ornithologist, find a crane fledgling. Igor names him Karl and promises he will take care about him and watch him grow... Više

Johnny Bakru

Ineke Houtman

Johnny Bakru

The Netherlands, 2014, 26’

Nine-year-old Rose leads a happy life with her mother, four brothers and a limousine. Until one day, when a charming musician, Johnny Ster, comes into their lives. Her mother madly falls in love with him but Rose is the only one... Više

Journey to the Beginning of Time

Karel Zeman

Cesta do praveku

Czechoslovakia, 1955, 93’

In a wooden boat, four boys set out on a trip down the river of time. It takes them on a magnificent journey into prehistory. This combination of science fiction, adventure and fairy tale helped a whole generation of children to... Više

The Blue Tiger

Bohdan Sláma, Petr Oukropec

Modrý Tygr

Czech Republic, 2012, 90’

In a bustling city, two children find and oasis and friendship in the botanical garden. There, amidst lush vegetation and animals, anything is possible. However, the city is run by evil Mayor who wants to tear the garden down in... Više

The Dive

Delphine Le Courtois

Le Plongeon

France, 2013, 10’

Having just turned thirteen, Leo sets himself a personal challenge and decides to jump off the highest diving board. As he waits his turn amongst adults, he looks back on the childhood he is leaving behind and his dive takes on a... Više

The River

Krasimir Gančev


Croatia, 2014, 15’

Milan and his stepmother Nada, with whom he doesn't get along so well, end up at baptism celebration by a river. Although they seemingly have nothing in common, they will have to work together when a fugitive from justice... Više

Tickets information:

Films from the Bib for Kids section are screened at Europa cinema, with reruns at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Tickets for this section do not need to be picked up in advance, entrance is free until the auditorium capacity is full.