Curtas Vila do Conde IFF: a selection of short Portuguese films

In the last sixteen years, the production panorama of Portuguese short film has increased considerably and become more creative and even more professional. Never have so many diverse short films been produced, and of such quality. Corollary to that is the vast number of awards, selections and the substantial attention that Portuguese authors have been receiving internationally. This program features the richness of Portuguese cinema through some of the most emblematic directors of the recent years: João Pedro Rodrigues, Miguel Gomes, Manuel Mozos, João Salaviza and Susana Nobre.

Canticle of All Creatures

Miguel Gomes

Cântico das criaturas

Portugal, 2006, 24’

Assis, 2005. A troubadour walks the streets of St. Francis of Assisi’s hometown, singing and playing the Song of Brother Sun or Song of the Creatures, written by St. Francis back in the winter of 1224.  


João Salaviza


Portugal, 2011, 8’

Less than 100 km from Reykjavik lies Strokkur. The scar of the Earth that refuses to heal; a wound from which hot water gushes out every seven minutes. The music and film are practically making themselves. 

The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal

Manuel Mozos

A glória de fazer cinema em Portugal

Portugal, 2015, 15’

In his 1929 letter to Alberto Serpa, Portuguese writer José Régio expressed his desire to make films. For almost 90 years nothing has been known about the outcome of that desire. The discovery of old film reels in a private... Više

The King's Body

João Pedro Rodrigues

O corpo de Afonso

Portugal, 2013, 32’

What would it be like to depict the body of Dom Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, which was subject to continued mythologization through Portuguese past?

Trials, Exorcisms

Susana Nobre

Provas, Exorcismos

Portugal, 2015, 25’

Óscar spent 25 years working in the same factory. Now he awaits the outcome of a trial. The production has stopped and wages have not been paid for a long time but Óscar and his colleagues still keep coming to work, hoping they... Više