Presentation: Director's Fortnight

The Director’s Fortnight has been looking for and presenting short films along feature films since its creation in 1968. As a way to discover new talents, of course, but also as we consider it to be a very special place to create amazing and free forms of cinema. This selection of five short films from this year’s edition come from five different countries, and are from young directors. Each one in its own beautiful way shows a love of storytelling, and an audacious approach to it. From a love story, to musical, documentary meets fiction, experimental and comedy, I believe this selection will offer the audience a lot to think about. (Laurence Reynolds)


André Novais Oliveira


Brazil, 2015, 20’

A middle-aged couple are minding their own business when a wormhole to another dimension opens in their backyard and changes their lives.

Blue Thunder

Jean-Marc E.Roy & Philippe David Gagné

Bleu Tonnerre

Canada, 2015, 22’

Bruno, in his thirties, ends up homeless after a breakup. Under the watchful eye of his motherly big sister, this sawmill worker will find the drive to put his beloved blue suit back on and rekindle an old flame.

Cool off!

Emmanuel Laskar

Calme ta joie

France, 2015, 24’

Maxime is a romantic painter. His wife Suzanne left him and now lives in their Provence home with her new lover. Maxime is obsessed with her and cannot get over it. In the meantime, his first exhibition is very close now.


Elena López Riera


Spain, Switzerland, 2015, 27’

After years of absence, Rafa returns to his native village in southern Spain in order to face the ghosts from the past.   

Rate me

Fyzal Boulifa

Rate me

UK, 2015, 17’

A portrait of a teenage escort, Coco.