Presentation of film.factory (Sarajevo Film Academy): a selection of short films

film.factory program was developed by the acclaimed filmmaker Béla Tarr as part of the University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. It is an interactive platform focused on film production. It offfers young directors a unique opportunity to collaborate with the world’s most prominent and accomplished film professionals. With its 57 young directors of all academic levels, coming from some 30 countries around the world, film.factory is not a traditional program. It was designed as an interactive platform intended for film production and development of new artistic talents. The official cooperation of film.factory program of Sarajevo Film Academy and Zagreb Film Festival began with the direct support to young filmmakers through scholarships awarded to two Croatian candidates. This successful cooperation will continue during the 13th edition of ZFF: the best students from the first generation of the MA graduates of film.factory program will present themselves to Zagreb audience with the special screening of their graduation films. 


Grant Gulczynski


Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014, 20’

A loose adaptation of Kafka's unfinished novel about a German who goes to meet his future wife. The German is here replaced by a Bosnian in the same situation. He, however, hides that he is a homosexual. The film is a blend of... Više

Foolish steps of a Fat Cow

Ghazi Alqudcy

Foolish steps of a Fat Cow

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Singapore, 2015, 30’

Video diary of a Singaporean filmmaker who doesn't feel at home in Sarajevo and decides to go to Berlin. He is guilt-ridden and wishes to apologize to someone he met there. This diary film exhibits the self-... Više

How to Survive a Day

Fernando Nogari

Kako preživjeti dan

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014, 13’

Kids play around a destroyed building which, 19 years ago, was the site of one of the most violent chapters during the siege in Sarajevo. A teenager spends her time wandering as she sees no future for herself. They observe and... Više


Gustavo Vega


Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015, 13’

Storm is a timeless, spaceless, conceptual film framed in a cinematic narrative. In simple words, it is the tragedy of an eternal return. Two brothers repeatedly keep returning home; two brothers in love with the same mother.