Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown

  • Srđa Penezić
  • Serbia
  • 2016
  • 98'
  • Ime: Dobrica, Prezime: Nepoznato

A fairytale for grownups which imagines what it would be like if it wasn’t such a dog-eat-dog world. Dobrica hasn’t had it easy. When he was a baby, his parents abandoned him and he ended up at the junk yard. Although he spent most of his life in orphanage and prison, his gentle nature allows him to see only the good in people. Despite initially mocking his naivety, people are quickly disarmed by his simplicity and generosity. The plot thickens when Dobrica falls in love with a woman from the margins of society – a junkie and prostitute. The leading character is played by Slavko Štimac, famous for his roles in Emir Kusturica’s Do You Remember Dolly Bell? and Underground.

Srđa Penezić

Screenwriter, producer, and director. He is the author of the first Serbian animated feature film, Film Noir, which he made under the pseudonym D. Jud Jones. Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown is his first feature film.

Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown

Srđa Penezić
Srđa Penezić
Logos Film
Slavko Štimac, Hana Selimović, Helena Jakovljević, Mirjana Joković, Bogdan Diklić, Renata Ulmanski
Radan Popović
Srđa Penezić
Srđa Penezić, Vesna Golubović, Slavko Štimac

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