Alma Viva

  • Cristèle Alves Meira
  • Portugal, France, Belgium
  • 2022
  • 88'
  • Alma Viva

Like every summer, little Salomé spends her holidays with her grandmother in a small mountain village in Portugal. There, Grandma Avo teaches her the secrets of witchcraft. When Avo suddenly dies, her son Joaqim arrives in the village and madness ensues. While the adults descend into chaos arguing about the funeral, Salomé is possessed by the spirit of the angry grandmother who demonstrates her disappointment with their behaviour by wreaking some chaos of her own. This charming film about growing up, witchcraft and the mourning of a dysfunctional family premiered at Cannes Critics’ Week.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Cristèle Alves Meira

Trained as an actress, Cristèle Alves Meira began her career as a theatre director. She then directed documentaries Som & Morabeza and Born in Luanda, as well as short fiction films Sol Branco, Campo de Víboras (Cannes Critics’ Week, 2016), Invisível Herói (Cannes Critics’ Week, 2019) and Tchau-Tchau. Alma Viva is her feature debut.

Alma Viva

Cristèle Alves Meira
Cristèle Alves Meira
Lua Michel, Ana Padrão, Jacqueline Corado, Ester Catalão, Duarte Pina, Arthur Brigas, Catherine Salée, Martha Quina, Sónia Martins, Amadeu Alves, Leonel Reis
Rui Pocas
Pierre Deschamps
Gaëlle Mareschi, Pedro Borges, Sébastien Delloye, Raquel Morte
Fluxus Films, Midas Filmes, Entre chien et loup, Mathematic, Les Films Pelléas, Studio Exception
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival – International Critics’ Week

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