• Mohamed Diab
  • Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia
  • 2021
  • 98'

Conceived with the smuggled sperm of her father Nawar who is in prison, Palestinian teenager Amira enjoys the status of a hero’s daughter. Although their time together consists of brief prison visits, Amira is very attached to her father. But her parents’ attempt to conceive another child fails, revealing that Nawar is sterile. Egyptian activist and director Mohamed Diab (Clash – ZFF 2016, Golden Pram) returns with a layered drama about the divisions, xenophobia and nature of hatred in today’s world, told through the eyes of a teenager faced with the mystery of her true identity.

Subtitles: EN, HR


Mohamed Diab

An Egyptian activist, screenwriter and director mainly focusing on burning issues in Egyptian society. His debut film Cairo 678 is among the most award-winning contemporary Egyptian films. His second film, Clash (ZFF 2016 – Golden Pram for Best Film), premiered at Cannes. He is currently directing Marvel’s upcoming mini-series Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac.


Mohamed Diab
Mohamed Diab, Khaled Diab, Sherin Diab
Saba Mubarak, Ali Suleiman, Tara Abboud, Waleed Zuaiter, Ziad Bakri, Suhaib Nashwan, Reem Talhami
Ahmed Gabr
Ahmed Hafez
Mohamed Hefzy, Moez Masoud, Mona Abdel Wahab, Hany Abu Assad, Amira Diab, Sarah Goher, Rula Nasser, Youssef AlTaher
Film Clinic, Agora Audiovisuals, Acamedia Pictures, Al Taher Media Production, The Imaginarium Films
Festivals & Awards
Venice Int'l Film Festival 2021 – Horizons; Chicago Int'l Film Festival

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