Buster’s World

  • Martin Miehe-Renard
  • Denmark
  • 2021
  • 85'
  • Buster

Buster is 11 years old and loves his life. He is a real little optimist who knows things can be hard sometimes, but if you apply a little magic and a lot of love, everything will fall into place. He is always ready to help others, especially his parents, his little sister, whom gets mocks for limping, and his old friend, Mr Larsen. Larsen is a magician, just like Buster. What’s more, this summer Buster hopes to be a big hit at the major talent contest in town. But there are many challenges: he is in love with Joanna, Larsen’s health is deteriorating, and his family needs his help.

Subtitles: HR

Age: 7+

Martin Miehe-Renard

Martin is a director and screenwriter for film and television. His career began in the 1990s, working on television series such as Alletiders nisse (1995) and Alletiders julemand (1997). He wrote and directed films for the cinema, including two features in the successful family franchise, My Sister’s Kids: My Sister’s Kids in Jutland (2010) and My African Adventure (2013). Buster’s World is his most recent work.

Buster’s World

Martin Miehe-Renard
Jesper Nicolaj Christiansen
Henning Jensen, Linda Pedersen, Kerstin Jannerup Gjesing, Natali Vallespir, Viola Martinsen, Bertil K. Truelsen Smith
Bastian Schiøtt
Søren B. Ebbe
Barbara Crone, Hans Bülow Ungfelt
Crone Ungfelt ApS
Festivals & Awards
Giffoni Film Festival 2021

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