Destiny of a Bum

  • Ana Kitanova
  • Bulgaria
  • 2021
  • 55'

– Available at from 24 Oct, 11:00 until 30 Oct, 23:59

75-year-old Pavi is a colourful person who lives off-grid in a clay house in the forest, without electricity or water. He is always reading or writing something by candlelight and he is interested in events around the world. In his little kingdom of newspaper clippings, transformed into a collage, Pavi dreams of someone publishing one of his short stories and finally being recognized as a writer.

Subtitles: HR

Ana Kitanova

Born in Sofia in 1988. She graduated in Film and TV directing from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia. She works as a director, assistant director and screenwriter. Her short films have been screened at numerous international festivals, while Destiny of a Bum (2021) is her first feature-length documentary.

Destiny of a Bum

Ana Kitanova
Ana Kitanova
Angel Balakchiyski
Bohos Topakbashian
Stefan Kitanov, Dobromir Chochov
Art Fest, Doli Media Studio
Festivals & Awards
Sofia Int'l Film Festival; Festival of Bulgarian Films Vassil Gendov – Best Documentary Debut; Rodopi Film Fest – Audience Award

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