• Nikola Vučinić
  • Montenegro
  • 2020
  • 21'
  • Velika dostignuća

Equal parts absurdly comic and very serious satire of the Balkan mentality, which is undergoing a slow but steady transition. Development is Nikola Vučinić’s graduation film, set in a small community with ageing population. When an amusement park opens in town, a group of patients from a psychiatric institution find themselves at the inauguration. What follows is a bizarre sequence of events in which the mayor is replaced by a mentally ill patient, who will perform the task with equal success.

Subtitles: EN


Nikola Vučinić

Born in Nikšić in 1991, where he finished primary and secondary school. He completed his studies in international relations at the Faculty of Political Science in Podgorica and film and TV directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts Cetinje.


Nikola Vučinić
Nikola Vučinić
Pavle Ilić, Marija Backović, Stefan Vuković, Vojin Jokić
Ivan Čojbašić
Ivan Čojbašić, Nikola Vučinić
Miljan Vučelić
Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje
Festivals & Awards
üstendorf Film & Music Festival 2021; Montenegro Film Festival 2021 – Best Student Film

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