Diamond Kid

  • Pierre Edouard Dumora
  • France
  • 2022
  • 21'

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A young female soldier in the anti-terrorist brigade patrols the city with two members of her squad. A sudden explosion stops her in her tracks. She is in shock and there are no signs of life around. Then a strange child appears and offers to take her to her missing colleagues.

Subtitles: EN

Pierre Edouard Dumora

Born in Paris where he lives and works. He studied finance and law at the post-grad school Le Fresnoy. His work mainly revolves around sound, films and audiovisual performances, from documentary forms to science fiction.

Diamond Kid

Pierre Edouard Dumora
Pierre Edouard Dumora
Christelle Oyiri, Aliocha Reinert, Lucien Oriol, Youssouf Wague
Ville Piippo
Ael Dallier Vega
Alejandro Arenas, Aurélien Deseez
Melodrama, Les Films du Worso

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