Tasks of the Day

  • Petya Zlateva
  • Bulgaria
  • 2019
  • 5'

A short visual poem about a heroine who seeks an escape from loneliness in the routine daily tasks. Instead of getting her life in order, she discovers madness and chaos, which eventually overwhelm her. The film is based on a poem by Stefan Ivanov.

Subtitles: EN

Petya Zlateva

Graduated in Animation Directing from the New Bulgarian University in 2011. Since 2007, she has worked on various Bulgarian and foreign animation projects. Currently works as an animator at Sugar Shack Animation, as well as on other projects as a freelancer animator and director. She was a jury member at Anilogue International Animation festival in Budapest, Hungary in 2020.

Tasks of the Day

Petya Zlateva
Petya Zlateva (animation)
Vessela Dantcheva
Compote Collective

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