Hedgehog Spikiney

  • Tihoni Brčić
  • Croatia
  • 2020
  • 7'
  • Jež Bodljikavko

Spikiney is a hardworking, selfless hedgehog who runs a soup kitchen for his community. One winter night the food goes missing, endangering the existence of the forest dwellers. Spikiney goes in search of the stolen food accompanied by his friends – an old monkey with a cane, an orphan squirrel, a stray bird and a beaver with a rubber flipper for a tail.

Age: 3+


Tihoni Brčić

Tihoni Brčić was born in 1971 in Croatia. He is an expert in the field of visual communications and teaches about multimedia, VR and video design at the Academy of Dramatic Art. He earned his doctoral degree in graphic arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, Croatia and an M.F.A. degree from Academy of Art College, USA. He works as a director, art director, and editor. His works were awarded and exhibited in Croatia and abroad.

Hedgehog Spikiney

Tihoni Brčić
Tihoni Brčić
Tian Brčić, Tihoni Brčić, Lana Horvatić
Dario Kukić (animation)
Tomislav Gregl (& DOP)
Vinko Brešan
Zagreb film
Festivals & Awards
Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2020; Warsaw Film Festival 2020; Cinekid 2020; Supertoon – International Animation Festival 2020

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