I Didn’t Make It to Love Her

  • Anna Fernandez De Paco
  • Spain, UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2022
  • 17'

– Available at kinoeuropa.hr from 24 Oct, 11:00 until 30 Oct, 23:59

The texts written by Marko Tomaš, a poet from Bosnia and Herzegovina, told through a photographic narrative. Marko and Maja are moving to a new apartment. Marko’s poems on the radio become the last thread of communication between them.

Subtitles: EN

Anna Fernandez De Paco

A Spanish-British filmmaker working in film, documentary and fine arts. She holds an MA in Film Directing from the Sarajevo Film Academy’s Filmfactory program, a BA in Video Arts from the University for the Creative Arts, and has completed a Media Foundation Studies program at the London College of Communication.

I Didn’t Make It to Love Her

Anna Fernandez De Paco
Anna Fernandez De Paco
Marko Tomaš, Marija Novaković, Fata Bahtijarević, Edin Vejselović, Jasmina Ibrahimović
Pablo Rojo
Sajra Subačić
Anna Fernandez De Paco, Abbas Nokhasteh and Emina Ganić
Sarajevo Film Academy

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