Master Painter Tattoo-Ed

  • Uli Seis
  • Germany
  • 2020
  • 2'
  • Mitmalmeister Tattoo-Ed

Tattoo-Ed is absorbed in his tattoo work, painting his own, grey skin. There is one empty spot left and he wants to fill it with a true piece of art! The film is made in the technique of traditional hand-drawn animation with backgrounds painted by children.

Age: 3+

Uli Seis

Uli Seis is an animation artist and media designer living in Leipzig, Germany. He studied Media Design in Weimar with a focus on animation and has made a number of short films and animated music videos using various animation techniques.

Master Painter Tattoo-Ed

Uli Seis
Alice von Gwinner, Uli Seis
Uli Seis, Dirk Reddig, Letty Felgendreher
Uli Seis
Festivals & Awards
Schlingel Int'l Film Festival 2021; FEST – New Directors New Films Festival 2021

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