• Mladen Bundalo
  • Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 2020
  • 22'

– Available at from 24 Oct, 11:00 until 30 Oct, 23:59

It is May 2018 in Donji Garevci, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is early morning. As usual, the scent in the air is fresh and strong. As usual, the European Commission gave a negative opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to the European Union. As usual, citizens leave the country to find work abroad.

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Mladen Bundalo

An interdisciplinary artist, born in 1986 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated in visual arts in Banja Luka and in video, multimedia and performing arts in Brno. He employs a visual, dialogic and auto-ethnographic approach in thematising movement, exchange, value, inflation, temporality and uncertainty as nodal categories in the experience of contemporary society. He participated in more than a hundred international art projects, exhibitions, screenings and residencies. He is a member of the artistic group Tač.ka. and lives and works in Brussels.


Mladen Bundalo
Mladen Bundalo, Lucie Fournier
Mladen Bundalo
Dhyaa Joda, Lou Vercelletto
Pierre-Louis Cassou, Zoran Galić
La tangente, Vizart Film

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