Shower Boys

  • Christian Zetterberg
  • Sweden
  • 2021
  • 9'

“Are you a man or a mouse?” asks the bandy coach. Viggo is unsure how to respond, but the other boys proudly shout out “MEN!”. After a tense practice, Viggo and Noel go to hang out at Noel’s who has a sauna. The two friends start a competition in manliness. But the competition is tough when no one really wants to win it. The film screened at the prestigious International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Subtitles: HR

Age: 12+

Christian Zetterberg

Swedish director, actor and producer. Among others, he directed the short films Skoldiscot (2018), Stjärnhimmel (2017) and Shower Boys (2021). As producer and director, he is focused on coming-of-age stories that tackle social norms, identity, and relationships.

Shower Boys

Christian Zetterberg
Christian Zetterberg
Lucas Andreasson, David Ramirez Knezevic, Robin Stegmar, Erik Lundin, Thomas Olausson
Jakob Eliasson, Albin Abrahamson
Jakob Eliasson, Albin Abrahamson
Liselotte Persson, Jakob Eliasson, Albin Abrahamsson
Festivals & Awards
Oberhausen Int'l Short Film Festival 2021; Reykjavik Int'l Film Festival

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