Macaluso Sisters

  • Emma Dante
  • Italy
  • 2020
  • 89'
  • Le sorelle Macaluso


Sisters Maria, Pinuccia, Lia, Katia and Antonella live alone in a suburb of Palermo. They make a living by renting pigeons for various ceremonies and festivities. One very ordinary day, Antonella dies at the beach. Her death will completely upend the relationships between the sisters and affect the rest of their lives. As time goes by, the sisters change. This touching adaptation of the director’s award-winning theatre play is a family chronicle of time, transience, memory, lasting things and the people who stay with us even when they’re gone. The film appeared at festivals in Venice, Toronto and Warsaw.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Emma Dante

Italian writer, film director and actress. She wrote, directed and starred in the 2013 film A Street in Palermo. In recent years she has directed numerous operas, including Richard Strauss’s Feuersnot and Georges Bizet’s Carmen. Her theatre piece, Le sorelle Macaluso, premiered in 2014, winning a series of awards. She became director of Biondo Theatre in Palermo the same year.

Macaluso Sisters

Emma Dante
Emma Dante, Elena Stancanelli, Giorgio Vasta
Alissa Maria Orlando, Susanna Piraino, Anita Pomario, Donatella Finocchiaro, Laura Giordani, Rosalba Bologna, Serena Barone, Maria Rosaria Alati, Ileana Rigano, Eleonora De Luca, Simona Malato, Viola Pusateri
Gherardo Gossi
Benni Atria
Marica Stocchi, Giuseppe Battiston, Daniele Di Gennaro
Rosamont, Minimum Fax Media, Rai Cinema
Festivals & Awards
Venice Int'l Film Festival 2020; Toronto Int'l Film Festival 2020; Warsaw Film Festival 2020; Busan Int'l Film Festival 2020; Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2020; Munich Film Festival 2021; Göteborg Film Festival 2021

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