The Sentries of the Delta

  • Liviu Marghidan
  • Romania
  • 2021
  • 85'
  • Străjerii Deltei

A group of children are spending their summer holidays in a camp on the Danube Delta. Their days are filled with adventures as they learn how to survive in the wild. One day, while clearing the river of plastic bottles, they discover two poachers fishing with the help of an electrical device. The children warn them that the use of the devices is very harmful and dangerous, but the poachers just laugh them off. To get back at them, the little friends decide to steal the device. When poachers find out what happened, a chase ensues.

Subtitles: HR

Age: 8+


Liviu Marghidan

Cinematographer, producer and director. He graduated from the Faculty of Geology, University of Bucharest, and the I. L. Caragiale University of Theater and Film. He has worked as a director of photography on a number of films. The Sentries of the Delta is his second feature film and a sequel to his first film, Sentries (2018).

The Sentries of the Delta

Liviu Marghidan
Liviu Marghidan, Alexandru Popa
Florentina Tilea, Vasile Calofir, Viorel Paunescu, Elias Ferkin Musuret, Ionut Achivoaie, Adela Marghidan
Andrei Butica, Mircea Vali
Silviu Lazar
Ruxandra Flonta
Scharf Advertising
Festivals & Awards
Transilvania Int'l Film Festival 2021

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