The Uncle

  • David Kapac, Andrija Mardešić
  • Croatia, Serbia
  • 2022
  • 104'
  • Stric

Yugoslavia, late 1980s. A family welcomes their beloved uncle (Predrag Miki Manojlović) coming home for the holidays from Germany. The joyous Christmas lunch is interrupted by a smartphone ringing. It becomes clear it’s not the 80s, it’s not Christmastime either, and it is not just the festive turkey that can be cut with a knife, but tension too. Developed at ZFF’s screenwriting workshop My First Script, Uncle blends family psychological horror, social satire and holiday black comedy and arrives to ZFF crowned with a Karlovy Vary Special Mention and awards for best script and costume design at Pula.

Subtitles: EN

David Kapac, Andrija Mardešić

David Kapac

Croatian screenwriter and director. Graduated in directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art with the medium-length horror Zagorje Speciality (2011), which he wrote together with Andrija Mardešić. After graduation, he started working on television as a director and creative producer. Uncle is his first feature. He is currently developing several projects, including a new feature in collaboration with Andrija Mardešić.


Andrija Mardešić

Born in 1985. He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in 2011, immediately becoming one of the directors, and then one of the writers on the drama series Ruža vjeterova. He is the author of a series of short films, including Night Ride (ZFF 2006), The Damned (ZFF 2007), Iris (2012), Two All Alone (ZFF 2015 – Special Mention), Steppe Fox (ZFF 2018), and the Subtenant segment in the omnibus Short Circuits (2013). He is currently developing several projects, including a new feature in collaboration with David Kapac.

The Uncle

David Kapac, Andrija Mardešić
Andrija Mardešić, David Kapac
Predrag Miki Manojlović, Ivana Roščić, Goran Bogdan, Roko Sikavica, Kaja Šišmanović
Miloš Jaćimović
Tomislav Stojanović
Ivan Kelava, Tomislav Vujić, Milan Stojanović
Eclectica, Sense Production
Festivals & Awards
Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival – Proxima competition – Special Jury Mention; Pula Film Festival – Best Screenplay, Best Costume Design

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