Wet Sand

  • Elene Naveriani
  • Georgia, Switzerland
  • 2021
  • 115'
  • Wet Sand

The good-natured inhabitants of a Georgian village on the Black Sea seem to know each other very well. But that belief will be shaken when they find fellow villager Elik hanged. His granddaughter Moe comes to the village to bury him. Faced with a web of lies and the tragic consequences of her grandfather’s long-time love affair, Moe discovers the truth that will force the townspeople to finally take a stand, and teach Moe how to love. Wet Sand is a mystery-imbued love story and a sharp critique of social doctrines and intolerance. Gia Agumava was awarded Best Actor at Locarno for his role in the film.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Elene Naveriani

Georgian director, born in 1985 in Tbilisi. Studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art and received a Master’s degree at the HEAD School of Art and Design in Geneva. In 2014, they completed their undergraduate film studies at the same school. Their full-length debut I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (2017) premiered at Rotterdam and won a number of international awards.

Wet Sand

Elene Naveriani
Elene Naveriani, Sandro Naveriani
Luka Khalvashi, Tengo Javakhadze, Guja Karaia, Tengiz Gogichaishvili, Martin Ghambarashvili, Fatima Abrakhamia, Niara Chichinadze, Lili Bodaveli, Nalita Amiranashvili, Tekla Tkeshelashvili, Lola Kutaladze, Enver Samseishvili, Nino Goshadze
Ágnesh Pákózdi
Aurora Franco Vögeli
Cornelia Seitler, Brigitte Hofer, Ketie Danelia
maximage, Takes Film
Festivals & Awards
Locarno Film Festival – Filmmakers of the Present – Best Actor; San Francisco Int'l Film Festival; Queer Lisboa; Ghent Film Festival

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