Zonder Meer

  • Meltse Van Coillie
  • Belgium
  • 2020
  • 14'

When a boy goes missing from a campsite, for most this unpleasant event marks the end of a carefree holiday. As the refreshing lake suddenly becomes forbidden territory, five-year-old Lucie tries to understand why. The film that premiered at Berlinale was produced by famous directing duo Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens (Khadak – Venice 2006 – Lion of the Future, ZFF 2015; King of the Belgians – ZFF 2016; The Barefoot Emperor – ZFF 2019).

Subtitles: EN, HR

Meltse Van Coillie

A Belgian filmmaker with a special interest in magical realism and slow cinema. She holds an MA in Film studies from the University of Ghent and an MA in Audiovisual Arts from KASK. Her short film Zonder Meer had its international premiere at Berlinale in 2021. She is currently developing another short, Nocturnus.

Zonder Meer

Meltse Van Coillie
Meltse Van Coillie
Lucie Wyns, Jeroom Smeyers, Lone Genar, Eva Binon, Patrick Vervueren
Harm Dens
Meltse Van Coillie, Harm Dens
Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth, Meltse Van Coillie
Bo Films
Festivals & Awards
Berlin Int'l Film Festival 2021; Curtas Vila do Conde Int'l Film Festival 2021

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