A Lot of Effort for the New Visual Identity

Cinema seats and a fan are the basic elements of Zagreb Film Festival’s new visual identity, this time designed by the Studio Šesnić&Turković, in association with Studio Vucić. The idea was to pay tribute to the disappearing cinemas, an issue to which one of this year’s festival off-programs is dedicated to – Cinema at the Cinema. The fan is present in the poster and visuals because of the always hot films at ZFF and the all-time slogan ‘Hot in November’.

The making of the poster was quite demanding, as Šesnić and Turković explain. It took a lot of effort to create a 1×1.5 m scale model and a labour of five people. They spent three weeks cutting and gluing every seat and letter on the scale model, photographing everything afterwards. The same motif will decorate the program brochure, the catalogue and the trailer of the 16th festival edition, as well as the screen notification reminding the audience to switch off their cell phones. The stop-motion trailer is still in making, and Šesnić and Turković have so far revealed only that it will be a fun battle between the fan and the seats.