A Man Is Not a Wolf to His Fellows: an Inclusive Screening of Dobrica for a World that Might Be

The 14th ZFF program has something for everyone, including the fans of feelgood films, as the main competition includes the Serbian fairy tale for adults, Srđa Penezić’s film Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown, starring Slavko Štimac – the most famous Yugoslav boy, once again growing up and getting old in this film.

Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown is a fairy tale for adults about a world that might be if people were kind to each other. Life has not always been kind to Dobrica. His parents abandoned him as a baby and he was found in a junkyard. Although he spent most of his life in an orphanage and prison, thanks to his kind nature he only sees the good in people. People initially laugh at Dobrica’s naivety, but his ingenuity soon disarms them. And then, Dobrica falls in love with a woman from the social margins – a prostitute and a drug addict.

The Croatian premiere of the film whose adventures of the protagonist remind us of the importance of good deeds, on Sunday at 7pm, will be the first ever inclusive screening at ZFF, suitable for blind and visually impaired persons and deaf and hard of hearing persons. The premiere will be attended by actors Slavko Štimac, Bogdan Diklić and Hana Selimović and director Srđa Penezić, making this screening even more special.