Albert Kapović Award given to Josip Krunić this year

Traditionally, the Croatian Producers Association awards the Albert Kapović Award at Zagreb Film Festival to persons who’ve distinguished themselves in the field of audio-visual work. The winner of the award, producer Sanja Ravlić, declared this year’s winner, Josip Krunić, a retired professor of Croatian language, founder and long-time leader of Studio of Creative Ideas from Gunja (SKIG).

“Behind Josip Krunić there are decades of continuous and devoted work of promoting media culture, and especially film culture among children from early, primary school days. Many of his pupils enrolled into the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zareb, as well as other studies in the humanities: there are actors, editors, producers, directors, cameramen, journalists, writers among them. His pupils joke that Gunja has the largest number of film crew per capita in Croatia and that the secret behind that success lies in Josip Krunić, a professor and mentor, a lover of film and people”, Ravlić said during the award ceremony.