Loads of Events This Weekend for the Youngest

The Bib for Kids programme every year offers a series of interesting films suitable for elementary schoolchildren. Traditionally is takes place at Europa cinema, and this year part of the program arrives in Zagreb’s neighbourhoods of Dubrava and Travno. The best events are scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

Saturday at 11am, Europa cinema, don’t miss Birds of Passage, a powerful family film about mutual respect and love which won many hearts. It is very stupid to be born on 29 February and it is even more stupid to get a duck egg for your birthday. Ten-year-old Cathy and her best friend Margaux wait for the egg to hatch and want to look after the duckling, but Cathy’s parents don’t want an animal in the house, and the duckling is most likely to end up as cat food. Cathy and Margaux set out on an exciting journey to save it.

At Dubrava People’s University on Saturday at 11am we will be watching Mountain Miracle – An Unexpected Friendship by Tobias Wiemann. The film highlights the power of friendship in our lives and reveals how far we can go with someone’s support. Thirteen-year-old Amelie thinks of herself as a tough city girl and is probably the most stubborn girl in all Berlin. She won’t have anyone tell her what to do, least of all her parents. But after yet another asthma attack, they send her to a special clinic in the mountains – against her will. Amelie soon runs away to the mountains and meets 15-year-old Bart, who becomes her fellow traveller and proves to be as stubborn as she is.

Another film about a confident girl is screened at Travno Centre of Culture, also on Saturday at 11am. Besides winning many awards all over the world, including an Oscar nomination in the best foreign language film category, the film Wadjda is also special for the fact that it is the first film directed by a woman in Saudi Arabia. Despite the conservative surroundings, Wadjda is playful and wants a lovely green bicycle, but her mother is afraid of public judgment. Wadjda doesn’t care and decides to save money herself. While her mother is occupied with her husband’s intention of taking another wife, the daughter’s plan flies below the radar.

For the first time ever we feature a bloc of animated films for children age 3 to 5, First Time at the Cinema. The selection includes eight short films from Czech Republic, selected by Jaroslava Hynštova, the programmer of Zlin Film Festival. These screenings will take place simultaneously at Europa, Dubrava and Travno on Sunday at 11am.