Censored Classic Ciguli Miguli in Funny Side of Socialism

The charming picturesque musical comedy directed by Branko Marjanović and written by Joža Horvat is the first even Croatian film to be censored by the socialist regime. Its first screening took place only quarter of a century after it was made, and it was released in cinemas only in 1989, after the regime collapsed. A satirical tale of a party official who arrives to a provincial town and settles the score with the local, to him unsuitable, cultural section consisting of five musical societies. The film mocks blind bureaucracy as much as provincial mentality, and the only side it sincerely takes is the youth’s side, the only true hope for the future.

Ciguli Miguli is scheduled for today, Tuesday, 15 November at 7pm, F22 – New Academic Scene in 22 Frankopanska Street.