Clash: A Thrilling Drama Shot Entirely inside a Police Van

14th ZFF’s winning feature and Egyptian Oscar candidate film, Clash, is a disturbing and thrilling action-ridden drama fully set in a tight inside of a police van transporting protesters in custody.

Two years after the Egyptian Revolution, the Islamist president Morsi is overthrown and the streets of Cairo are rioting in conflicts of the Muslim fraternity and the army and their supporters.

In a chaotic bloodshed anyone seems like an enemy and there are supporters of both sides among the arrested, as well as ordinary passers-by. As the van makes its way through the violent streets, its passengers need to overcome mutual differences and learn how to cooperate to make it through the day.

The film, directed by the Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, premiered in Cannes as the opening film in Un Certain Regard, and it is scheduled for today, Sunday, 20 November at Tuškanac Cinema, 9:30pm.