Tickets for 14th ZFF Closing and Cronenberg’s Iconic Crash Are on Sale!

The iconic film Crash by the even more iconic director David Cronenberg is listed for today, 19 November, on the big screen after the closing ceremony of the 14th edition of ZFF.

Canadian writer and director David Cronenberg, the pioneer of body horror, is known to film lovers for an entire series of classics like Videodrome (1982), The Fly (1986), Dead Ringers (1988), Naked Lunch (1991), History of Violence (2005) and A Dangerous Method (2011). His 1996 film Crash proved to be too uncomfortable to great many of Cronenberg’s followers, but the film’s controversy has also cemented its iconic status, which it kept well over 20 years after its premiere.

After winning a Jury Special Mention in Cannes, Cronenberg’s adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s controversial novel was released in cinemas and not much room was left for indifferent responses. Shot in cold, metallic colours, imbued with an atmosphere of emotional alienation, the narrative follows a group of people who share a sexual obsession with car crashes. The link between sex and technology – the connection between a body and a machine – is not new in Cronenberg’s work, but here it is bravely processed beyond the limits of genre.

The screening of Crash is also a continuation of Europa Cinema’s new program – Kinolektira – bringing contemporary anthology films to the big screen, films you saw many years or even decades ago, the ones that follow you in life and that you keep coming back to, and perhaps even some you haven’t seen yet (but are too embarrassed to admit).