Exhibition of ZFF Posters: A Journey Through 20 Years of the Festival

Join us for a journey into the past and celebrate the marking of ZFF’s small jubilee – the 20th edition of the festival! Aside from film programs bringing a selection of winning documentary titles and a small retrospective of Checkers, we will present an exhibition of festival posters from the very beginnings up to the recent editions in the Médiathèque of the French Institute (Preradovićeva 5). Recall (or discover) how ZFF’s visual identity followed the festival program and offered new, playful solutions year in year out.

The exhibition of the 20 years of ZFF’s posters will be open from October 17 – 26, during the Médiathèque’s working hours: Tuesday to Friday from 12 – 7 pm, and Saturday from 10 – 14.