SEE Factory

The SEE Factory project is aimed at promoting new talent on the international scene. Here, young filmmakers from Southeast Europe meet and create. In collaboration with festivals from all over the world, the participants are given an opportunity to show their works to an international audience. In 2019, the Directors’ Fortnight joined the initiative. Through the original process in which two directors, who do not know each other, work in pairs, authors are given the chance to develop new skills and view their approach from a new perspective. This praiseworthy project once again proved that film transcends all languages and barriers, and connects people by building a far more constructive and creative dialogue than any pseudo-political mechanism.

For the first time, five countries are collaborating in the Factory: Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Considering all of these countries were at war not so long ago, we can only feel awe for the healing power of film and its ability to unite us despite all differences. Ten authors will showcase the results of their collaboration in five short films.