Film with Strongest Cast Made of Clips

The special programme Cinema at the Cinema features a series of films reminding us how special it is to watch a film in the darkness of the cinema on the big screen. Cinema watching is a completely different experience from watching a film in the privacy of your room. The line-up includes seven amazing titles, and one of them is Have You Seen My Movie?.

Director Paul Anton Smith has dedicated this film treat to this special cinema experience. The film is in fact a compilation of clips from over a thousand different films, and they share the scenes of watching movies in the darkness of a theatre. Original and interesting, it is a great depiction of the love of the seventh art.

The director has seen thousands and thousands of film before picking exactly which scenes he wanted. The idea came to him when he realised how often in fact filmmakers shift the camera focus on the people watching a film. In the editing process he was not ready for compromises and points out that the film was edited almost poetically. Although it consists of excerpts, the film strikes as a real and rounded up story with a beginning, plot twist and ending.

It was not just film watching that took plenty of Smith’s time, there was information collecting, exact reference to facts and thinking which films might be relevant to the project. This is definitely the ultimate film about film watching, made for cinema screening.

Watching this film on Friday at 11pm, Muller Hall, will be a unique experience: the Walk in Cinema concept will make it possible for visitors to walk in and out of the screening with drinks and enjoy the film.