Hana Jušić’s Homecoming: Croatian Premiere of Plate at 14th ZFF!

A family is a community which often works as a tiny warm bestiary – animals provide each other closeness, safety and care, but in this stuffy little lair this very same unconditional love makes them stifle, torture and bite those who are nearest to them. Quit Staring at My Plate is a story about a family which displays such qualities perhaps more than others.

Hana Jušić, one of the filmmakers whose shorts screened several times in ZFF’s Checkers section and who won the Golden Pram in 2012 with her film Terrarium, is this year presenting her feature debut, Quit Staring at My Plate, in main competition. The young director’s film arrives at ZFF with a FEDEORA Award for best European film at the recent 73rd Venice Film Festival.