Industry: Writers’ Room in the Region

The American writers’ room model is growing steadily across Europe as well. Albeit somewhat modest still, we notice that drama serial screenwriters resort more and more to this model in our region, as well. But to what extent and what are the results?

In association with SPID (Croatian Screenwriters and Playwrights Guild), at 4pm F22 – New Academic Scene is hosting a roundtable as part of the Industry section, focusing on the growing writers’ room trend in the region.

Successful screenwriters from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, Srđan Koljević, Matevž Luzar and Stevan Filipović, all currently, both as producers and as writers, developing new drama series, will share their screenwriting experiences from the region – in the sense of a complex relationship between the writer, the content and target audience. Sanja Kovačević, a SPID member and author of the upcoming book Quality TV Series: the Millennial Era of the Screen, will discuss the differences between the US and European approaches to the writers’ room and how sustainable they are in our region.

Jasmina Kallay will moderate the round table.

Admission to this and all other ZFF Industry events is free and no reservation is needed.