Industry Youth! Pitching Forum

20/11 | SATURDAY | 11:00 | Kazališna dvorana ADU
language: English
open to public

A valid EU digital COVID pass or a valid negative test (PCR up to 72 hours, lateral flow up to 48 hours) required for entry.


The Industry Youth! program will conclude with a pitching forum for student projects in which young screenwriters and directors will be given the opportunity to present their projects to an international panel, who will reward the best project with services of their two studios. The pitching participants will have seven minutes for the presentation and seven minutes for Q&As.


Program partners granting awards:
Poster – guidance, project development and three days of working in the studio on image post-production
Šesnić&Turković –  creation of the film poster

Panel members

Jovan Marjanović (Head of Industry Sarajevo FF), Goran Turković (Studio Šesnić&Turković), Tom Vujnović (Poster)

ADU Zagreb, Croatia

Petar Vukičević, Marta Bregeš


The film follows 9 months in Ivona’s life, who finds herself at a turning point. It takes place in nine scenes, each representing one month. After ending a long relationship, Ivona moves, finishes college, adopts a dog, finds a job… A whole series of events is triggered by a miscarriage.

AGRFT Ljubljana, Slovenia

Peter Bizjak, Kaja Horvat


A pilot for a series of short animated Slovenian folk fairy tales. Made for platforms and devices used by the current generation of children. To make old stories fresh and engaging, a special animation technique, a mix of motion-comics and animatics, will be used.

ASU Sarajevo, BiH

Ismira Mašić, Adna Rizvan


Amra (23) is desperately trying to lead a normal life, battling the ghosts of the past, her mother’s illness, guilt and growing up. Her biggest fear is also her biggest wish – to go home and visit her mother. One morning, after an argument with her boyfriend, Amra leaves.

FDU Beograd, Serbia

Milica Spasojević, Lena Radulović


Grumpiness, familiar to every child, is a miserable state of mind, without a clear beginning or a meaningful ending. It is also contagious. Milica (8) is the first to start frowning, followed by the other children, and then the grown-ups, until we get to the creative chef.

FDU Cetinje, Montenegro

Tamara Pavićević, Katarina Kastratović


After the suicide of their friend Dolores – Eva, Mira and Natalija are in Mira’s apartment the night before the funeral, trying to find an answer. Each of them states their position on how and  whether death could have been avoided, while on the table are Dolores’ belongings, a bag,  handkerchiefs, a shirt and a medical report, what is left of her life.

FDU Skopje, North Macedonia

Kristijan Kostadinovski, Marija Grčeva


Igor (23) is a painter who can’t sell any of his paintings. When a collector shows interest in his work, he finally gets a chance to prove himself. Igor believes he will succeed only under the risky influence of narcotics, which will help him paint his best work, but make him lose something important in the process