RE-ACT: Marketing Is Your Friend

27/10 | THURSDAY | 15:00 | DOKUKINO KIC
language: English
open to public

A lecture by industry experts Alessandro Gropplero and Christina Pelekani, organized in cooperation with the RE-ACT workshop and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. Nowadays, filmmakers are responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of their project. But how to make your film stand out among thousands of other titles?

The lecture will focus on three valuable Cs that in marketing terminology stand for Consumer, Convenience and Communication. The lecture will also address marketing “secret weapons” – positioning, benchmarks and presenting strengths. Gropplero and Pelekani will discuss the challenges of film marketing in the digital age, defining target audiences, distribution models, etc. One of the goals of the lecture is to help producers think like film business investors (B2B) and fans (B2C) at the same time.

Alessandro Gropplero

Head of international relations for the FVG Audiovisual Fund since 2007, in charge of planning the fund’s international strategy and managing various initiatives, such as the co-production forum When East Meets West, the producers workshop Ties That Bind Asia / Europe and the RE-ACT co-development scheme and workshops. He is an EAVE program graduate and the Italian national coordinator and board member of Eurodoc, a member of the European Film Academy and a member of the programming team of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week.

Christina Pelekani

Marketing and distribution consultant and co-founder of the Endorphin Film Sales agency. She started her professional career working on promotional film campaigns, as a marketing manager and acquisitions consultant. Since 2016, she has been the head of marketing and distribution at Feelgood Entertainment S.A. and is on the acquisition team at the same company. She graduated in arts management from the City University in London. She completed a number of professional workshops and programs and is a member of the European Women’s AV Network (EWA). Christina is a regular speaker and advisor at industry events, film festivals and workshops such as Midpoint Feature Launch, EAVE, Rotterdam Lab, WEMW, First Cut Lab, San Sebastián International Film Festival, etc.