Irresistible Satire ‘King of the Belgians’ Tonight at Tuškanac

On his tour across the Balkans – from Turkey to Bulgaria and Serbia – with a lot of grappa, colourful characters and good humour, next week the Europa Cinema’s screen will be graced by Nicolas III, a melancholy king whose country is in ruins while he wanders around the wild mountainous wastelands of the Balkans.

The story of King of the Belgians begins when a lonely Belgian king travels to Istanbul in the company of the British director Duncan who is making a film about him to freshen up his dreary image. However, he receives the disturbing news that Wallonia finally got its independence and that the country where he acted as a symbol of union no longer exists. This is where the whirlwind of crazy mockumentary events begins, with a lot of self-irony, especially regarding European Union and Brussels as the symbol of preservation of its progressive values, while the Belgian monarch, lost in the Balkans, is trying to find his way home, finding himself.

Kraljevska svita izgubljena na brdovitom Balkanu

The royal entourage lost in the mountainous Balkans

The fourth film by the Belgian directorial duo Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth is an entertaining royal road film. It will be screened in Together Again, the program which this year becomes a competition.

This irresistible satire about a clash of the worlds, with a pretty original interpretation of European relations, will be presented to the ZFF audience by the director and actor Peter Van den Begin.