Eastern European Comedies: Funny side of Socialism – new official programme

After last year’s Zagreb Film Festival audience was scared out their wits by the selection of the finest horror films made in the former Eastern Bloc countries, film historian Daniel Rafaelić this year again rummaged the dusty archives in search of titles that will make the audience – laugh. As a result of this endeavour, the 14th ZFF is presenting the official programme called Funny Side of Socialism – Eastern European Comedies.

The line-up of comedies mocking the rule of Stalin, Tito and other ‘nice’ leaders includes the invisible enemy issue in The Balkan Spy, a bunkered 1952 humoresque Ciguli Miguli, the iconic Czech film Lemonade Joe about the fearless cowboy Joe who drinks only lemonade, and the first Soviet musical Jolly Fellows.