My Life as Lotta – Okey Dokey Alpaca!

  • Martina Plura
  • Germany
  • 2022
  • 89'
  • Mein Lotta-Leben: Alles Tschaka mit Alpaka!

Age: 10+

Lotta can’t wait to go on her first school trip and spend time with her best friend Cheyenne, even if Cheyenne’s little sister Chanell has to come with. But matters are made even worse since Lotta’s dad is traveling with them as chaperon! On top of all that, the new student Rémi had to develop a crush on her as well. Things get really complicated when they discover their hostel might be haunted: rooms disappear, Chanell disappears, and there are stories of girls who went missing in the sand dunes. Fortunately, Lotta has the right team to solve the mystery.

Subtitles: HR

Martina Plura

Martina Plura was born in Germany in 1985. She graduated in directing from the Hamburg Media School. In 2015, she directed her feature debut, Vorstadtrocker. The western 13 Uhr Mittags (2017) followed, as well as the TV series Tanken (2018) and Friesland (2020).

My Life as Lotta – Okey Dokey Alpaca!

Martina Plura
Bettina Börgerding
Meggy Marie Hussong, Yola Streese, Levi Kazmaier, Timothy Scanell, Oliver Mommsen, Sarah Hostettler, Laila Ziegler, Amelia Lammers, Lovena Borschmann-Ziegler, Mina Lindenschmidt
Monika Plura
Wiebke Henrich
Dagmar Blume-Niehage, Philipp Budweg, Sonja Ewers, Marc Gabizon
Dagstar Film, Lieblingsfilm, Senator Film Köln, ZDF

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