Show Me Love

  • Lukas Moodysson
  • Sweden
  • 1998.
  • 89'
  • Fucking Åmål

Agnes and Elin are teenagers from Åmål, a small town they both despise. Agnes is a sensitive and quiet girl in love with the popular Elin. Popularity, however, means little to Elin. She is restless and bored all the time. When she ends up at Agnes’s birthday party and kisses her for a bet, it sets in motion a series of events in which Elin has to grapple her self-image. A contemporary story dealing with funny and painful aspects of growing up, the pleasure and suffering of first love, and the courage to be different. The acclaimed Swedish director Lukas Moodysson is known for his socially engaged films (Lilya 4-ever, A Whole in My Heart, We Are the Best). Show Me Love was a festival success, winning the Special Prize of the Jury and Audience Award in Karlovy Vary, as well as the Teddy Award in Berlin.

Subtitles: HR

Lukas Moodysson

Born in 1969. Director, screenwriter and author. He is best known for his socially engaged works Lilya 4-ever (2002) and A Whole in My Heart (2004), as well as romantic drama Mammoth (2009). His latest film is a musical coming-of-age drama, We Are the Best! (2013), based on the comic created by his wife, Coco Moodysson.

Show Me Love

Lukas Moodysson
Lukas Moodysson
Alexandra Dahlström, Rebecka Liljeberg, Erica Carlson, Mathias Rust, Stefan Hörberg, Ralph Carlsson, Maria Hedborg, Axel Widegren, Jill Ung, Lisa Skagerstam
Ulf Brantås
Michal Leszczylowski, Bernhard Winkler
Lars Jönsson
Memfis Film AB, Zentropa Entertainments ApS, Film i Väst AB, Sveriges Television AB,
Festivals & Awards
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2000 – MovieZone Award; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 1999 – Special Prize of the Jury, Audience Award, Don Quijote Award; Berlin International Film Festival 1999 – Teddy Award for Best Feature Film; The Guldbagge Awards 1999 – Best Actress in a Leading Role (Alexandra Dahlström, Rebecca Liljeberg), Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Film