New films by Cristi Puiu and Taike Waititi in Together Again

The festival section called Together Again, featuring films by the authors whose previous works were presented at earlier edition of ZFF and who, in a way, grew and matured together with Zagreb Film Festival, this year becomes a competition – the authors will be running for the Golden Bicycle award.

The selection includes one Croatian co-production success – the latest film by Cristi Puiu, one of the most prominent Romanian New Wave filmmakers, a dead-pan comedy Sieranevada which premiered in Cannes. ZFF has been following Puiu’s work since the very beginning – his short film Coffee and Cigarettes won the Golden Pram at the 2nd edition of ZFF and two years ago My First Film: Romania screened his outstanding debut Marfa si banii.

Apart from Puiu, ZFF’s silver screens will host, for the fourth time, Taika Waititi. Waititi’s latest film Hunt for the Wilderpeople, acclaimed by the audience at over seven global festivals, continues the series of twisted comedies (Eagle vs. Shark, Boy, What We Do in the Shadows) with a specific New Zealand humour. The protagonists of this hilarious and at the same time heart-warming comedy are an obese juvenile delinquent and his hysterical uncle who, due to a chain of random and mainly comical events, become police broadcast news and a target of the social services. Sam Neill, the acclaimed New Zealand actor known for his roles in Piano and Jurassic Park, stars as the boy’s uncle.