Planetarium: Dreamy Drama Starring Natalie Portman

Rebecca Zlotowski’s third feature Planetarium, in Together Again, is a beautiful dreamlike drama starring Natalie Portman, whose performance brilliantly captured the magic of film. This film is also Lily-Rose Depp’s first bigger role.

Planetarium is net in Paris in the 1930s, echoing with threats of war. Two American sisters are travelling across Europe and hosting spirit-invoking séances on stage before thrilled audiences. The younger sister, Kate, communicates with the deceased, and the older, Laura, is in charge of the entrepreneurial side of the business. Their spectacular shows attract the attention of a powerful film producer, André Korben, who hires the sisters for his new ambitious project. Laura and Kate are dragged into an emotional whirlwind of art and the occult. Fact from fiction can no longer be discerned.

French director Rebecca Zlotowski is well known to local film fans. Her award-winning film Grand Central was screened at 13th ZFF in the main selection. The Croatian premiere is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, 14 November at 7.30pm, Tuškanac cinema.