Premiere of Liberation of Skopje with Cast and Crew Tonight at Europa Cinema

On Monday at 7pm, check out the Zagreb premiere of Liberation of Skopje, an adaptation of a lavish history drama about the decay of a family community, set in 1941 in Skopje, occupied by Germans and Bulgarians. Next to directors Danilo and Rade Šerbedžija, the audience will be greeted by actors Lucija Šerbedžija and Mikko Nousianen, producers Goran Tozija and Igor A. Nola, and composer Toumas Kantelinen.

Directed by Rade and Danilo Šerbedžija, Dušan Jovanović’s iconic stage play got its screen adaptation and became the Macedonian Oscar candidate. Liberation of Skopje is the directorial debut of one of the most famous Croatian actors and Danilo’s second feature. Lucija Šerbedžija stars in one of the leading roles. The film premiered at this year’s Pula Film Festival, and subsequently at Sarajevo Film Festival and Helsinki International Film Festival.